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Nous avons détecté une meilleure version du site pour vous.

Nous avons détecté une meilleure version du site pour vous.

Nous avons détecté une meilleure version du site pour vous.

We have detected a better version of the website for you.

We have detected a better version of the website for you.

We have detected a better version of the website for you.

We have detected a better version of the website for you.

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  • Is Luminette suitable for children?

    Beacause their crystallines are still growing, Luminette is not advised for children under 12 years of age

  • Can I use the Luminette if I suffer from cataracts?

    Your crystalline has become opaque and lets in less light, so the Luminette might prove to be less effective and might need to be worn a little longer.

  • Can I use the Luminette if I have had a cataract operation?

    You must seek advice from your ophthalmologist before starting light therapy.

  • Can I use the Luminette if I suffer from lesions of the retina or an eye disease?

    We do not advise it. In all these cases, you should first seek the opinion of your ophthalmologist.

  • When should the Luminette be recharged?

    The number of LED lights (1 to 4) that light up when you switch off your Luminette gives an indication of the battery level: 1 LED means you should recharge your Luminette after the next session. If the light flashes when you switch on the device, the battery level of your Luminette is too low for a full session.

  • How long does it take to recharge the Luminette?

    About 6 hours are needed for the Luminette to be fully recharged (the light stops flashing).

  • How can I tell if the Luminette is correctly positioned?

    Luminette is correctly positioned if the blue light reaches the lower half of your eyes when you look in a mirror. If this is not the case, adjust the Luminette by placing the nose rest into the slot.

  • How long should I wear the Luminette?

    Your Luminette allows you to choose from three different light intensities. Intensity 1 = 45 minutes per day. Intensity 2 = 30 minutes per day. Intensity 3 = 20 minutes per day. Luminette will let you know when the session is finished by flashing.

  • Can I wear the Luminette in an airplane?

    Apart from disturbing the person next to you (or if you are afraid he/she will be curious!), you can use your Luminette in the aeroplane. Make sure you respect the time given by the application.

  • What is the delivery time?

    3 to 5 working days in USA and Canada

  • Is wearing the Luminette dangerous for the eyes?

    No. 1) The light emitted by Luminette is white light enhanced with blue light. It is low intensity (1,500 lux). By way of comparison, most light therapy boxes emit light at 10,000 lux. 2) The spectrum has been specially chosen to exclude potentially dangerous wavelengths (UV and similar). 3) Luminette has been assessed in terms of the standard IEC 62471. It is considered to be a product without danger for the eyes. 4) We have sold over 60,000 of our flagship products to date and have received no complaints.

  • Where is the Luminette manufactured?

    Apart from the case and charger, Luminette is manufactured and assembled in Belgium.

  • If I have a problem with the Luminette, what should I do?

    If you bought the Luminette in a shop or at a chemist's: You have two options. Either you go back to where you bought it and use their after-sales service, or else you send the device back to us in secure packaging, including your receipt, and a few words to explain the problem and your contact details. The first solution saves you the shipping costs but takes longer. If you bought the Luminette on the internet, you send us back the device, either by post (at your expense) or else free of charge via the Kiala network. In this case, we send you a label that you print out and stick on to the transportation packaging of the parcel and then deposit this parcel at a Kiala point (go to the Kiala website to find the Kiala point that is closest to you). We deal with all requests within 5 working days (from reception of the device) and we will keep you informed by email or by telephone.

  • What is the duration of the Luminette guarantee?

    Your Luminette is guaranteed for 2 years. This guarantee covers manufacturing faults and any other fault that may occur in the context of normal use of the device.

  • How do I introduce a claim under guarantee?

    The purchase invoice acts as a guarantee.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Undesirable side-effects linked to the Luminette are always relatively slight and transitory. They may include: Headaches / Eye fatigue / Nausea. In order to avoid, reduce or attenuate these undesirable effects: Use Luminette in a well lit room / Reduce Luminette's intensity setting (there are 3 levels of light intensities) / Do not use the device for a few days until the side-effects disappear, then try again.

  • How long will it be before I begin to feel better?

    The “boosting” effect of Luminette® is almost immediate. From the very first days, you will feel your energy returning and your mood will start to improve. The improvements of your biological clock takes between 4 to 7 days.

  • How often should I wear the Luminette?

    Once a day.

  • How can I see if Luminette needs to be charged?

    When you turn off the device, you will see between 1 and 4 LEDs that will give you an indication of the remaining battery life (4 LEDs on = maximum battery life, 3 LEDs on = the battery is three quarter charged, 2 LEDs lit = the battery is half charged, 1 LED lit = the battery is sufficiently charged to make a complete session but be sure to recharge the Luminette after, 0 LED lit = the battery is insufficiently charged to make a complete session).

  • What intensity to choose?

    Three possibilities are available to you. 1st position = duration of use 45 min. ; 2nd position = duration of use 30 min. ; 3rd position = duration of use 20 min. Choose the intensity that seems most comfortable. When the session time has elapsed, the LEDs flash 3 times to warn you. They are then lit to allow you to continue your session if you wish.

  • Is the Luminette made for me?

    Luminette is for you if: - you lack energy at this time, you feel temporary morale drops. - you are concerned by the winter depression (over-sensitivity to the fall in brightness in the autumn-winter period). - you know sleep problems, insomnia, etc. - you know episodes of chronic fatigue. - you suffer from mild or moderate depression. In the case of a major depression, you can improve the effects of your current treatment using the Luminette. - you are concerned about postpartum depression or baby blues - you travel a lot and are regularly subjected to jet lag - you work at night and wish to have a longer sleep

  • How to turn on and off Luminette?

    On / off button is located next to the LEDs of the Luminette. Just press once to turn it on and stay pressed 2-3 seconds on the button to turn it off.

  • Can I use Luminette with contact lenses or glasses?

    Yes, the Luminette allows use with contact lenses and a pair of glasses. Just place the Luminette over your normal pair of glasses.

  • How to look after your Luminette®

    This device is meant exclusively for personal use. Between each use, store the device in its protective case in a dry place. EN 16 To clean your Luminette®, use a soft cloth moistened with a little clean water. Be careful to protect the fragile holographic zone; avoid touching it with your fingers. If, despite everything, it does dirty, clean with cotton wool.

  • Why do I sometimes have to avoid daylight?

    Avoiding sunlight at certain times of the day is another basic step in order to adjust the biological clock more quickly to its new schedule. As a general rule, it is best to avoid the light 2 hours before going to bed.

  • Où télécharger l’application MyLuminette ?

    Vous pouvez télécharger notre application sur Apple Store ou sur Google Play en tapant : "MyLuminette"

  • What is the app for?

    Myluminette is particularly useful for combating jet lag. MyLuminette creates a program based on your age, your time of day and your flight schedule.

  • I've lost the nose piece, how can I buy a new one ?

    No problem ! You can order the nosepiece separately at any time. The unit price of a pose-nez is $7.5. To order, simply click on "Buy" and select "I order a pose-nose", then you can select the desired quantity.

  • The Luminette is equipped with a bluetooth transmitter. Is it dangerous for health?

    Bluetooth is switched off when the Luminette is switched off. During treatment, Bluetooth emits an Advertisement message every 100ms. This message is used to announce the presence of the Luminette to a nearby Smartphone. Regarding the sensitivity, you should know that this very short message lasts less than 400µs, so that the emission does not take place in fact only 0.4% of the time. In addition, we are talking here about Bluetooth Low Energy and our transmitter has an output power of 1mW, to compare with traditional Bluetooth equipment (such as a wireless headset) which often emit 10X louder (10mW) or WiFi which transmits at 100mW.

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